Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, and the Occult influence on neo-Paganism and Wicca

The origins of modern day Wicca and neo-paganism go back to occult organizations and the most famous occultist, Aleister Crowley. Crowley’s “Magick” was itself rooted in even older mystery and occult organizations, to include the Rosicrucian’s, Freemasons, and other Kabbalistic traditions. Crowley, aside from his Occult work, was also a British Intelligence agent(1).  As AC2012 reports in regards to Crowley’s activities in World War II…

“Ian Fleming, the future author of the James Bond novels, was at that time a Navy intelligence officer.  He knew Crowley and hatched several schemes to use Crowley to feed misinformation to the Nazis through Rudolph Hess. It is widely speculated that the eventual capture of Hess was thanks to Aleister Crowley’s work as a spy. Crowley also seems to have done this in World War I when he created some badly written pro-German propaganda, clearly intended to make the Germans look bad.” (2)

This is not surprising, considering one can find the same Intelligence and Occult influences on more recent political, spiritual, new age, and psychedelic movements (3,4,5). Gerald Gardner,considered the father of modern day Wicca and neo-paganism, was a British author who wrote such books as A Goddess Arrives, and The Meaning of Witchcraft. Gardner however, drew influence from questionable sources, “he joined an occult group, the Rosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship, through which he claimed to have encountered the New Forest coven into which he was initiated in 1939. Believing the coven to be a survival of the pre-Christian Witch-Cult discussed in the works of Margaret Murray, he decided to revive the faith, supplementing the coven’s rituals with ideas borrowed from Freemasonry, ceremonial magic and the writings ofAleister Crowley to form the Gardnerian tradition of Wicca.” (6)


“Gerald Brosseau Gardner (1884–1964), also known by the craft name Scire, was an English Wiccan, as well as an author and an amateur anthropologist and archaeologist. He was instrumental in bringing the Contemporary Pagan religion of Wicca to public attention, writing some of its definitive religious texts and founding the tradition of Gardnerian Wicca.” (6)

Modern day Wiccans and Pagans often participate in ceremonies and rituals of whose true origins they know very little. Seasonal rituals, seances, Tarot readings, and sex magick are all examples of contemporary pagan practices, most without the slightest idea that they are carrying on a tradition started by the infamous Crowley. Crowley is the original purveyor and creator of what is today known as “Sex magick”. It was a hijacked, watered down, and misunderstood version of eastern tantric traditions that in modern times have been misconstrued to revolve around sex versus philosophic truths, largely because of Crowley’s perversion of its teachings.(7)

Crowley’s most famous saying and the essential crux of his religion, Thelema, is “Do what thou wilt”. This is a blatant and obvious contradiction to the ethical and philosophical teachings of the traditions from which he draws. This misrepresentation is a drastic revision of practices and secrets derived from Judeo-Christian mysticism that largely maintained a reverence for the Creator and the laws that govern our universe. In keeping true to his moniker and persona, Crowley was acting as the embodiment of the anti-Christ and turning the entire traditions and moral teachings on their head. His motivations for doing so and the scope of his agenda is beyond the reach of this short article.


However, these are important revelations and pertinent  because of the rise in popularity of contemporary pagan and Wicca culture. These new movements have gained momentum in part because they are apparently based on deep truths that none of the more traditional religious institutions approach. These powerful new spiritual movements draw from a deep well of knowledge in the mysteries of old. I do not reject outright their practices, their beliefs, or convictions. But when confronted with a questionable lineage such as outlined above, one must reexamine their participation in such practices, at least until they are fully educated on the origins and deep philosophic meaning behind the rituals and “spirituality” they practice.

We cannot afford to take for granted the forces and energies at work in our universe. Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Right and Wrong. We must ever guard against the influence of corrupt forces that aim to lead us astray in order to better control humanity. Are there evil people looking to hijack profound knowledge and package it in an appealing but philosophically corrupt way? You bet! Would they use a corrupted form of ancient knowledge to manipulate a society into worshiping and giving power to an evil principle? Without a doubt! For evidence one need only look at our world as it exists today. Do these same powerful men I am referring to manipulate entire populations to slaughter each other on battlefields for “righteous causes”? Of course. This is the very crux of the battle we have been born into. It is our divine duty bestowed upon us by our very existence that compels us to discern right from wrong, and to act in accordance with right, in order to truly overcome the evils that plague our world, and our psyches.

It is not the intention of this article to infer that Wiccan or Pagan traditions are inherently wrong or bad, but only to inspire us to find out for ourselves the truth of the matter, to defend ourselves from dogmatic biases, and to truly remain intellectually and spiritually independent on our path towards truth. We are forever and indispensably tethered to our Creator. No human idea, book, tradition, or ritual can ever change that. Because of that tether, we are forced to pay attention to what is being communicated to us by our five senses. We cannot get lost in a cloud of mysticism or dogma and turn our backs on reality. We are going to miss signs from our very existence that are trying to point us in the direction of truth. That is my intention with the presentation of this information, to shine a light on your path towards ever greater truths.



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