don’t worry everything is fine.

Why are we here? How did we get here? Simple questions right? The way we answer these questions will dictate the way we treat others around us. The way we perceive reality dictates the reactions to the philosophical hurdles we face throughout our lifetime. We may evolve in the way we tackle these questions consciously and subconsciously, however from the time we are able to think for ourselves we, inadvertently, manifest the answers through our actions. During the process of our development, we make decisions that contribute to the progress or regress of humanity. It all starts with a presupposition that is, inherently built into us, but is eventually conditioned from the community around us. When we are able to consider this presupposition, we have found the answer to our main questions. We are being controlled and conditioned to not think about these questions, we are being distracted from the reality of life with trinkets and whistles. Everything is wrong, but everything is going according to plan. The only way out of the system of mental imprisonment is to come to terms with the reality of life. The whole world is beginning to fall into a deeper deception, while a small remnant come to a deeper understanding that very few things are right in this world.  How do you answer those questions? And what makes what you have to say relevant?

One thought on “don’t worry everything is fine.

  1. It seems the hardest hurdle and biggest blockade on the path to progress and understanding is simply getting people to ask these questions. To get people to ponder their relationship to the universe and to each other. Knowledge flows freely once one dedicates themselves to the search for truth and understanding. How do we motivate more people to walk this path? That is our challenge. Great little piece. I want more. An in depth follow up is in order. Perhaps a discussion.

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