Reflection and comments: Vice News special “United Hate: The Fight for control in CAR”

Well go figure, a civil war in Africa in which France, the U.N., Muslim militia groups, and the robbing of resources are involved. Pattern recognition is key in any sort of investigative research and this conflict is no different than anything we are witnessing on a grander scale in places such as Syria.

Aside from the political implications, this is a fascinating look into the human psyche during war time. At times intriguing, but mostly disturbing and overwhelmingly heartbreaking as only war can be. The humanitarian situation is dismal and the basic condition of the human even more so. The usual suspects of chronic malnutrition, lack of clean water, little to no education and imperialistic leaches combine for a society stuck in a dark age. Stories of animal and human sacrifice, black magic, torture, and blood lust fueled by religion. The usual scapegoat, ideology, is only the outlet by which these people can seek revenge for their suffering. It fuels and rationalizes the channeling of their deep pain into violence. Without insight into the pain and chaos of war one cannot understand what drives its participants. This video does well to capture that insight and is an important watch from that perspective alone.

The reality of most political debate in our country is that as a society we have been extremely fortunate and perhaps a bit spoiled. Only a very small percentage of our population has any idea what it feels like to be in a situation of so little security and so much chaos. We are complacent in our relative comfort and extravagance. It becomes easy to take for granted the values we as a culture hold and that our constitutional system embodies when we have never seen what the alternative looks like. As a whole we have lost sight and knowledge of those values and consequently our system of governance has suffered.

This is a moving, educational, insightful, and powerful look into a little known conflict. Watch, learn, reflect, grow.





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